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Okay, I'll sum up the tags for you here, plus add some extra ones which you can try out yourself.

The great part about webpage making is, you can always find out how someone made something by:Right clicking on the page and select, view source.

Note: You might be confused if you try viewing this page or the others before it because you have to do something different to make the < and > appear without Internet explorer thinking it's a tag.

Some code looks different than others, capitalization doesn't matter, it can be <BR>, <Br> or <br>...although capitalization sometimes matters with filenames, ie, example.jpg, so be careful with that.

<html> </html>
What your entire webpage should be enclosed in.

<head> </head>
This is where the title goes, as well as other VERY complicated stuff which is usually best avoided.

<title> </title>
The Title of your webpage which will appear in the Menu bar above.

<body> </body>
This is where the visible part of your webpage goes.

The 'Break' tag. Starts a new line.

The 'Bold' tag. Makes your text bolded.

The 'italics' tag. Makes your text Italicised.

The 'underline' tag. Makes your text underlined.

<center> </center>
Centers anything within it.

<right> </right>
Right aligns everything in between

The 'horizontal line' tag. Adds a line, useful as a separator, example:

<img src="X">
Adds an image, where X is the filename of the image.

<a href="X"> </a>
Makes everything in between a link to whatever 'X' is.

<font color="X"> </font>
Changes the color of your text, where X is the name of the color. must be spelled 'COLOR'...stupid american spelling....

<font size="X"> </font>
Changes the font size. Where 'X' is -2, -1, +1, +2, +3, or +4.
Note: the </font> Will only stop one font tag. If you have one color and one size, you have to end both of them with two </font> tags.

<font face="X"> </font>
Changes the font of your text, where X is the name of the font. Just make sure it is a common font that is likely to be on everyone elses computer.

Other Stuff

<body background="X">
Sets an image as your background, X being the image filename.

<body bgcolor="X">
Sets the background color to whatever 'X' is...Just make sure your text color is visible... Ie, don't put a black background with black text, that would be foolish. You might want to put this and/or the background one near the top, right under the 'body' tag so you can keep track of where it is... on older computers it might not work if it's near the bottom either.

That's probably good enough for now. I'll tell you how to get your page uploaded to the web once you have time to start work on it.